Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

This is the second Christmas we had.
Although we need to work...

But thanks for the small surprise from u.

Simple Christmas Eve Celebration
With Baboo and you giv me a small surprise...thanks

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Singapore Trips

Life goes on with a lot of pending job.

I had spend most of my time with you in 2012 if i'm not mistaken.
How bout you? Isit the same thing happen in ur 2012 life?

Dear, we walk through another part of the world.
14th Dec-17th Dec Singapore Trips.
Same things happen, we fight and argue...

But all this are small thing,
Cause I really enjoy the trip with you.
I even do a stupid deal with you to make sure we not going to mess up our happy Universal journy.

Yes, the most funny part is i know I will fail and lost in the deal that i make.
But in another way, I know I'm trying to control myself.
Hope things go same to you too.

It really means a lot everytime I recall back how long we had walk through.
From KL area, to melacca area, Penang area etc.
And now we still walk together in Singapore...

I admit sometimes it was really very tired keep walk like this.
But It really light up the journey between you and me.
If there is any arguement happen again, pls look back to all this joyful things that we had done together.

Thanks for giving me a wonderful trips in Singpore.

Thanks Baboo

Friday, December 7, 2012

What I had busy for?
Why am I being so busy?
Can I have a break? Just a small break...

Why am I keep on work?
Do I really need to stress myself like this?
Next year feb I will finish my diploma.
Finally I'm graduate under Segi college.
Which I dunno what I really learn from here.

I need a break, can I hav at least 2 or 3 day stay home jz to relax and clean my room?
My life was keep on work work work and assignment assignment.
Why me? Who is the one who give me the motivation to finish up the music course?
Who is the one who motivate me to take part in so many job?
And who is the one who told me after genting da ma cai event we must have a break??
And who is the one keep on told me thr is a job waiting us??

Honestly, I said I need someone acc me in the midnight to finish up my assignment.
Yet this just happen once before, after that we are bz with our part time job.
And yet I can't see that me or you still got time to move on my music assignment.

And who are the one say will help me in IDP assignment?
Now how much we have done for our assignment? And yet Ulsan to skip the coming class AGAIN.
Should I really need to mention this out and cz us argue again for the stupid job that can bring us some income??

Monday, March 5, 2012






Saturday, February 25, 2012



所以嘛我說 「羨慕」是我們口腔唇齒的組合形狀和聲帶磨擦

「你知道嗎 我其實很羨慕你」